A good day starts with a healthy and stress-free morning. Setting and following a morning routine will help you prepare for the day and increase your productivity. Here are some tips to assist you in creating a healthy morning routine to kick-start your day.

Make plans the night before

The greatest way to have a good morning is to make plans the night before. Going to bed and waking up at a consistent time each day is a good practice, which helps your body get into a rhythm.

Many people experience immediate stress when they get up and consider all the things they want or need to get done that day. Taking some time before bed to “download your brain” and plan your next day is an excellent approach to prevent this. Note down your schedule for work, lunch, and exercise. You can avoid feeling overwhelmed by organizing your thoughts and setting goals for the day by writing them down.

Start without your phone

Try avoiding usage of the computer or mobile phone immediately in the morning. When we immediately check our phone, we are overstimulated from the moment we wake up because of emails, the news, social media and video reels.

Many people use their mobile phones as an alarm clock, but it is preferable to buy and use an old-fashioned alarm clock. It helps your brain adjust to the day by delaying the use of your phone.

Start with water and stretches

When you wake up in the morning, start your day by drinking a glass of water and doing some stretches or exercise. A simple practice of drinking a full glass of water to hydrate before coffee or tea can improve your health.

If you are unable to exercise early in the morning, dedicate some time upon waking to do some simple stretches. ‘Sun salutation’ is a great way get your blood flowing that almost anyone of any age can do in the morning.

Practice gratitude

As you stretch, think about your day with intention and gratitude. There is something very powerful about setting intentions, telling yourself that no matter what happens today, I want to live this day. Think about what you’re grateful for, and those little moments of gratitude can help start your day with purpose.

Eat a healthy breakfast

Eat breakfast every day, even if you have to rush. Have something rich in protein or fiber to help you stay full and energized throughout the morning until lunchtime.

Be mindful of the amount of sugar and caffeine in your coffee and lattes. It is easy to get into the habit of consuming too much coffee in the morning, so make sure you drink a full glass of water first.

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