Dance Your Way To Fitness

Unless you are figure or health-conscious or a fitness freak, you will inadvertently smirk at the idea of working out. For most, the sweat, heat and effort of it all to maintain an enviable physique that is just a vanity metric is too much to handle.

What if fitness meant music and dance? Who can resist something like that? The word ‘dance’ brings a sparkle to the eye, even to the one who has two left feet.

Dance is an aesthetic form of fitness, and the most-preferred, if we may add. The thought of dancing brings joy to the heart. Remembering the beats and steps keeps the mind active and alert. The movements strengthen the muscles, improves flexibility, reduces weight and promotes overall aerobic fitness.

Benefits of Dance

Dance is a DOSE of happiness.

DOSE is an acronym for the hormones Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin and Endorphin, that combine together in total harmony to induce feelings of happiness and contentment. It is difficult to not be inspired and captivated by the effects of dance.

Dance disciplines the mind.

There’s a famous saying – “the mind is like a monkey”. It is constantly thinking, planning, worrying, fearing and doubting. Dance has the ability to calm the battles of the mind and bring it to a single focal point.

Dance helps with weight-loss.

The most gratifying way to lose those extra pounds is by dancing for at least half an hour every day, in which the first five minutes should be to warm up and the last five minutes to slow down. Just like every fitness program, allow a day or two to relax and recover.

Dance boosts your morale.

Loving and approving of yourself and self-confidence are the major takeaways from being a devoted dancer. Music activates the brain and the body moves gracefully to the beat, prompting feelings of self-expression and uniqueness.

Dance is liberating.

Life is not a structured path and those curveballs are going to be heading your way. When you dance regularly, you experience a level of emotional lightness and freedom. The curveballs don’t stop coming, but you are better poised to meet them.

Forms of Dance For Fitness

There are various forms of dance, depending upon which part of the world you belong to. The forms may be diverse, but the outcome is the same. Zumba and Hula-Hoop Dancing are the famous fitness dance forms that people are taking to.

Zumba is a simple choreographed synchronized dance, guided by an instructor. People of all age groups love Zumba because of the ease it carries. Each step is repeated a couple of times, to enable those who miss the first few to catch up.

Zumba aims at building strength and resistance, improving coordination and promoting weight-loss. It is also fun, brings people together, peps up the mood and keeps you motivated. With Zumba videos all over the internet, it has become accessible to all.

Hula-hoop is even simpler. There is no formula or instruction. Just swing the hula-hoop around your waist as long as you can and you are good to go. Initially it may seem a little discouraging when the hula-hoop slips to the ground frequently. With practice, it will listen to the move of your body.

Hula-hoop tones the hips and waist. Regular exercise can remove unwanted flab from the mid-section and improve focus and balance.

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