Ten Offbeat Workout Ideas to Keep Fit

Let’s face it. Not all of us are fond of exercising. We can be lured by the best of motivational videos, prodded by peer pressure or even teased at the workplace – it’s a choice not to workout. It hits home hard only when there are health issues that most of our well-wishers, and finally the physician say could have been averted if we had a fitness-oriented lifestyle. But fitness does not always have to resonate with the gym. It can be a fun activity at home or at the office. If this is you, then it is our pleasure to run you through ten routine activities that you can capitalize on to stay fit.

1. Push-Ups at the Kitchen Counter

While fixing yourself a cup of coffee or breakfast, place your hands on the counter and do a lunge, squat, push-up, or all three, ten times each. Do this every day, and time will reward the effort.

2. Jumping Jacks

As kids we unintentionally did jumping jacks, clapping our hands over our heads while spreading and narrowing our legs. Now we will do this on purpose, but with that very same child-like enthusiasm.

3. Wash the Car

Easier said than done, this activity exercises the torso and the arms, as the need to stretch across the body of the vehicle, to crouch and clean the wheels and the rapid circular movement of the arms makes it a great daily workout.

4. Hula-Hoop

Again, a childhood thing – considered more a girlie-thing, hula-hooping has broken the stereotype and is now for everyone. Fat chooses the waist as its favorite place to settle down, and your waist will thank you for hula-hooping to thwart that intention.

5. Shadow Boxing

The excitement of shadow boxing, especially after watching movies of the likes of Rocky and I Am Ali, is beyond explanation. Make it a habit, thrust those boss-style punches in the air, like there was an opponent in front and enjoy all the attention it draws.

6. Stair Climbing

Avoiding the elevator/escalator and taking the stairs is one of the best pieces of advice ever. Just remember to use the front part of your feet – preferably the toes, don’t climb too fast and don’t lean too forward.

7. Dancing

Dancing is any day a holistic workout. Moving to the beat of the music exercises the body, frees up the mind and lifts the spirit. Though in recent times there are classes for Zumba and Aerobic Dance, you can instead turn on your favorite music at home and dance like nobody’s watching.

8. Sweep, Mop and Vacuum Clean the Floor

There is always a double-bonus in this activity. You bend and stretch and reach and squat – toning your body while getting the house in order. Just remember to use both hands interchangeably, as sweeping is mostly a right-hand (dominant-hand) activity.

9. Gardening

Gardening is more than just work. It is a fulfilling workout. It is not possible to till the soil, mow the ground, remove the weeds and plant new saplings without feeling total contentment. All the same, gardening is mostly reserved for the weekends, and rightly so.

10. Skipping/Jumping Rope

As kids we skipped ever so often – to school, to the grocery shop, to the neighbor’s house, just about everywhere. Skipping is synonymous with childlike joy. Bring the child back in you and skip/jump rope for at least five minutes a day. Burn those stubborn calories.

If you are not used to any of the above activities, chances are you would have slight pain or sore muscles for the first few days. This will gradually die down, leaving you with healthy habits for a lifetime.

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