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Fitness is not what it used to be a few decades ago. In fact, even the culmination of various treatments to improve the recovery rate of many lifestyle diseases trickles down to fitness. Nevertheless, it hardly serves to motivate if you do not know what you are achieving in the name of fitness. The need for quantifiability conceptualized the fitness tracker.

A fitness tracker is a watch-like device that helps track and update the wearer on personal fitness activity and body parameters based on inputs provided, like gender, height and weight. A must-have in the sports and fitness community while gaining steady popularity among the general population, the device tracks walking/running steps, swimming laps, stairs climbed, distance, heart rate, calories and sleep patterns.

So, whether you are preparing for an international sports event, or a local triathlon, or fulfilling a new year resolution to hit the gym, or working out to lose extra pounds, or walking as part of a treatment program, or just an office-goer at a desk job, the fitness tracker is for you.

These are a couple of points that encourage its use.

Are you sedentary?

Sitting at a desk for eight hours could be part of your job, but definitely doesn’t qualify as physical work. You are already living a sedentary lifestyle. You don’t need to do a 360 degree turn and start walking 10,000 steps from tomorrow, but start somewhere.

Let the fitness tracker help you with how much you need to walk or exercise in order to stay healthy.

Group goals.

Watching others benefit from a fitness program inspires us to do the same.  Soon, there is a group with a fitness goal.

Group goals can be established on the fitness tracker and shared with a private workout community or on social media.

Calorie count

How do you like the idea of having a nutritionist on call?

Depending on the fitness tracker and app installed, it suggests your calorie count for the day. It also calculates the number of calories consumed and those left for the day, based on the diet information keyed in.

Quality of sleep

Sleep as we know is one of the most underestimated of human requirements. A distortion in sleep patterns can adversely affect metabolism, energy levels and mood.

Fitness trackers come to the rescue with a sleep monitor that gauges:

  • length and quality of sleep
  • depth of sleep
  • number of sleep disturbances

Based on these findings, you can take suitable steps to help you sleep better and longer.

Overall Wellbeing

A majority of the world walks around unaware of what is going on inside their bodies. The result – sudden and unexpected illnesses.

The fitness tracker updates body parameters like heart rate, calories and sleep patterns, making it a personal health monitoring system.

Change for the better

Daily use of the fitness tracker helps you develop healthy habits through fitness, balanced diet and proper sleep. Positive results are enthusiasm enough to keep you going. Stick with it, reap a bounty of health benefits and go inspire others.

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